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26 Apr 2018



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Review by Frederick Barton (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 01 Apr 2013

A complex subject can be studied much easier if you brake it down in topics and sub-topics and illustrate them. Mind mapping applications are the perfect tools for this task, due to their flexibility. Besides the fact that it is very easy to use, Mindomo Desktop allows you to organize your thoughts and ideas in a comfortable environment. You can arrange and customize your topics and sub-topics anyway you want, without spending more than one or two seconds looking for the tools you need.

Unless you want to upgrade to a Premium, Professional or Team edition, you don't have to purchase a license for Mindomo Desktop. The software is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, as well as Android and iOS platforms. The setup file is in .air format, so you must download and install Adobe Air if you want to install Mindomo Desktop on your computer.

Topics are represented by colored boxes, in the mind map editing area, which takes up most of the user interface. A central topic is created automatically, when you launch the program or start a new project. You can not move or delete the central topic, but you may customize it by adding text, changing font settings, colors, styles and more.

There are multiple ways of creating topics or sub-topics. Clicking a plus icon on the program's toolbar will create a main topic and link it with the central topic automatically. Alternatively, you may select various options, in a pop-up menu, to create floating topics, sub-topics, parent topics, change their shapes and more. You can also bring up a pop-up menu, next to one of your nodes and choose from a series of options, for adding topics or sub-topics, copying cutting, applying styles and more. The easiest way of creating a new item is to click an existing node's edge and drag anywhere in the editing area.

It is also possible to add icons, images, audio or video files, hyperlinks, notes and comments to individual nodes. If you insert a web link, you can visit its associated web site with Mindomo Desktop's built-in web browser. The software provides a good number of customization options as well. You can apply various layouts to your entire map or a selected node, place boundaries around certain branches, select different themes and more.

Mind maps can be exported as images, documents and in other formats. The best part is that Mindomo Desktop allows you to synchronize your map on a remote server, using a Google, Yahoo or Facebook account. You can choose to allow other users to work on your map and when you synchronize it, the software will merge your changes with the changes made by other users. It is also possible to create a slideshow presentation. You may create new slides and set them to focus on specific branches, by drawing a rectangle around them.


The software provides a modern and sleek interface, which is comfortable and easy to understand. You can make your maps as simple or complex as you want and customize the appearance of each node. You can also create slideshows and share your map on the Internet.


You can not publish more than 3 maps with the free version. With Mindomo Desktop, it does not matter if you need to study, plan your actions or manage a complex project. Its smart and flexible features will help you organize and refine any thoughts and ideas and become more efficient, without any effort.

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